Our process is about treating, strengthening and educating for long term health

Physiotherapy in Brampton

A Solution for Bunch of Diseases

Physiotherapy is one of the most efficient ways of coping with an ailment or for enhancing the overall vigor of an individual. Catered by knowledgeable physiotherapists, it is a science-based healing therapy comprising of innumerable techniques focused on dealing with conditions in the following arrays:
Musculoskeletal: Physiotherapists detect the underlying causes for musculoskeletal conditions like neck pain, neck pain, muscle spasms, frozen shoulder, bursitis, and posture problems and treat the same for improved mobility.
Neurology: Learned physiotherapists in Brampton are known to enrich the life of patients who have been subject to a strain on the brain and spinal cord due to neurological maladies like stroke, vertebral injuries and Parkinson's, etc.
Cardiorespiratory: This being a niche where physiotherapists in Brampton not only endeavor to reconcile but prevent the occurrence of heart and lungs related disorders like asthma or bronchitis by prescribing to pertinent methods.
Orthopedic: Acute or chronic cases of orthopedic conditions like arthritis (both osteo and rheumatoid) or amputation can be easily rehabilitated with knacks like acupuncture or manual therapies.
Sports and occupational health: For people who are at risk or have already faced the physical mishap due to sports or work injury can benefit from sessions at the physiotherapists as they receive impeccable assistance in recovering from the injury to refurbish the damaged muscles into as good as new in no time.
Whether your purpose is to better the quality of life with upgraded kinesis, flexibility and strength in your muscles or if you wish to pull through the left over span in your life by mending your fragmented tissues, physiotherapists in Brampton have got you covered with the best of treatments. Solutions rendered by us could involve a combination of activities including:
Manual Therapy: Physiotherapists use their hands instead of devices to put definite pressure on the muscles to manipulate or mobilize the joints and alleviate pain.
Pertinent exercises and movement: For conditions like frozen shoulder, knee back or any chronic pain exercises along with other therapies work wonders. Physiotherapists are qualified to attempt these competent exercises on the patient to get rid of the hitch bit by bit.
Acupuncture: Needles are inserted on respective meridians to strike the right balance of energy flow in the body to boot out the irresistible soreness.
Hydrotherapy: An ideal hydrotherapy is where water pressure is paired with physical exercises to improve blood circulation in the muscles, loosening nerves and thus allowing the joints to move freely without any ache.
Electrotherapy: Electric shocks are bestowed to the patient to increase the nerve activity. The procedure is not painful but is reputed to lessen stiffness in the joints expeditiously.
Every physiotherapist at New Hope Physio is registereda master of physiotherapy who has managed a good standing position with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and their provincial physiotherapy alliances and thus is qualified to provide unsurpassed aid.A typical session by the physiotherapists in Brampton includes:
Assessing your present health condition by judging on parameters like the range of motion, operation ability of the organs and strength; to diagnose your goals.
It is then followed by prescribing the right cure befitting your purpose that can be either maintaining independence or restoration of potency.
Testing your functionality post few sessions of training and healing and evaluating the results to check if they are in line with the health goals.
Application of supportive devices to speed up the curative process.
Succor with guidance to avert a similar scenario in the future by adopting to apt practices.
Physiotherapists in Brampton are experienced, dexterous and certified to dodge the unforeseen circumstances that pop during the retrieval stage with sheer ease and proficiency. As physiotherapy is not restricted to only doctoring the ailments, this incomparable help should be adopted by every individual to gratify his quality of life with paramount health and litheness to be able to perform each task whether unremitting or not with ultra-precision. Call to book an appointment today or see us because our physiotherapists believe in working diligently with you to not only be the provider of health healing solutions but also bethe pertinent guide to hedge future health insecurities with the right measures!

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What We Treat

Our process is about treating, strengthening and educating
for long term health. We use advanced technology & health care methodologies to assist
with highest standard care and treatment.



Physiotherapy is one of the most influential and efficient science based healing therapy where the sole purpose of the approach is to take the present physical condition of any individual, young or old to new heights. Like cars need regular maintenance for an enhanced functionality, your body is the car and physiotherapy is the upkeep your body needs especially after an injury. As the bodily pain and organ performance is not subjective to age, this restorative treatment can be availed by anyone who is looking for resurgence from an injury or recuperation of overall strength, mobility and balance.

Rendered by certified physiotherapists, it is a multi-niche remedy revolving in three areas of practice namely:

Musculoskeletal: Assistance for back pain, neck pain, strains, arthritis, post-surgery rehabilitation, posture problems, frozen shoulder, bursitis, sports and workplace injuries.

Neurological: Succor during and post nervous system disorders like strokes, spinal cord or brain injuries and Parkinson’s.

Cardiothoracic: Dealing with respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis or emphysema.

Therapists being adept and knowledgeable have the knack to work in close collaboration with you and assess the underlying issues to not only pinpoint the trigger points of an injury but also treat them with pertinent dispositions in no time. Each treatment plan is a varied fusion of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, functioning training, usage of electrotherapeutic devices or serenity binding massages.

Physiotherapy is a holistic approach not curbed to alleviate an acute or chronic complaint solely, but regular sessions are known to avert the re-occurrence of any condition thereby perking up your quality of life in the long run. When you make up your mind to adopt this healing habit, stay prepared to execute the most grueling tasks without the presence of slightest pain.

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Manual Therapy

Reputed to heal the mankind since its commencement, manual therapy is a traditional physical remedy used in chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy or osteopathic solutions in order to treat musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. The musculoskeletal ache is throbbing or injury in the muscles or tendons of the body and most common ailments from the same include back pain, neck pain, strains, arthritis, post-surgery soreness, frozen shoulder, bursitis, stinging post sports and workplace injuries. Manual therapy on the ground level is basically use of practitioner’s hands instead of a device or machine for rendering any treatment that dismisses the pain by calming the muscles. The whizzes use proven techniques to put appropriate pressure on the muscle tissues to manipulate the joints when trying to alleviate the twinge caused by muscle spasm, joint dysfunction or muscle strain and tear. Patients should know that manual therapy is a rarely endeavored healing process, but aces at New Hope Physio have mastered this remedy. The type of manual therapy bestowed each time differs with the cure plan but generally applies two types of movement:
Soft Tissue movement: This is where pressure is applied to the soft tissues of the body like muscles thus leaving them relaxed by shooting the blood circulation and eventually easing the agony associated with it.
Mobilization: It is an intricate fusion of therapeutic manual treatment and profound expertise which is tailored as per the rehabilitation agenda and sole purpose of cure. Measured movements like varying speed- slow and fast, force- gentle or forceful, distance- twist, pull or push are applied to loosen the tissue around the joint thus dipping pain and up surging muscle flexibility. Choose our manual therapy to relentlessly refurbish distressed joints while simultaneously evacuating the stress and enjoying the sense of immense well-being, movement and serenity!

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For people who believe that natural healing is the best way to avert any ailment, acupuncture Brampton is the name for them! Acupuncture is a holistic technique that roots itself from the Chinese medical practices where very thin needles were inserted at specific points in the patient’s body to nourish the tissues for effectual pain relief and muscle sustenance. There are nearly 360 acupuncture points in the body; lung/kidney/heart meridian to name a few of them and each point is targeted to needle injection as per individual patient woes. For example, to tackle problems related to the digestive tract; stomach, small and large intestine meridian will be embattled. This recuperating therapy is effective for promoting overall salubriousness and is a cure for innumerable conditions like muscle spasm, chronic pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, knee pain, allergies, back pain, digestive problems, depression, anxiety and reproductive disorders like menstrual or erectile infirmity.
A typical acupuncture in Brampton session at New Hope Physio involves close analysis of your health conditions and development of unique action plan by our experienced acupuncturist to address the problem by pursuing the right acupuncture points. This is followed by insertion of sterile and single use needles on a victim’s body leading to augmentation of energy flow thus relieving the pain and rectifying the symptoms of the malady. Though there is use of needles during the session, most of the people do not experience pain as the needles are finely placed on your body and are retained on the spot for five to thirty minutes to correct the imbalance of chemical flow in the body.
The frequency of acupuncture treatment in Brampton varies as per the intensity and persistence of a sickness in an individual. When looking for a feasible and unpretentious remedy for your chronic disarrays, acupuncture in Brampton is something you cannot afford to miss!

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Chiropractic Treatment

When a chronic or acute pain is too strenuous to be evacuated, a chiropractic treatment always pitches in to be handy. A chiropractor is a professional who is knowledgeable and trained in diagnosing and alleviating neuromuscular disorders by pertinent alignment of the backbone. Neuromuscular maladies are ailments related to nerves and muscles. A chiropractor’s entire analysis and remedy revolves around the intimate relationship between the nervous system and the spine where an appropriate pressure is applied to the spine to revamp and relax the entire range of muscles/organs/tissues served by vertebral nerves.
When the nerves in your spine are dysfunctional, they can cause countless agonies like lower back pain or migraines as the brain is unable to pass the signals thoroughly. An appointment with the chiropractors can kick out the glitch in the nerves with hands-on application of spinal manipulation thus relieving the nerve channels and thus eliminating the discomfort. When paired with apt nutritional assistance and radiography, chiropractic treatment can weave wonders for recuperating pain in neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, sports injuries, migraine, sprains, insomnia, nerve entrapment, muscle cramps, chronic pain, lumbar disk degeneration, tendonitis, frozen shoulder or occupational injuries.
Being an inexpensive alternative for wrenching surgeries is one of the most elite perks of chiropractor treatment. It is also a drug-free therapy where the solitary focus on flexing movements can retrieve your stability, mobility, and flexibility of tendons thus enhancing the overall vigor. Availing this treatment as per the tailored schedules designed by proficient chiropractors at New Hope Physio is known to not only alleviate but relinquish the causes of ache in a flash. Strike the right balance between the nerves with our chiropractic treatment to dodge the interlinked complaints smoothly.

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Chronic Pain

Known to be the disease of the central nervous system, chronic pain is a sting that has no apparent biological existence but has persisted beyond normal tissue healing time. Any throbbing in the body that succumbs to last for more than 12 weeks for any reason is not usual and is defined as chronic pain. It is an ongoing pain and has nothing to do with the severity or quality of pain, and it can range from being sharp to dull or on and off. For example, if you have had a back injury and the soreness has not healed for a long time; irrespective of how intense or mediocre the pain is, it clearly indicates that the pain associated with the injury and has turned enduring that can be only healed with adept and selective analysis.
Causes of chronic pain can be associated with improper healing, generalized habits or normal aging effects and the symptoms differ indefinitely amongst individualsbut generally includes constant pain in the same organ/muscle/tissue for over 3 months accompanied by fatigue, sleep disorders or dwindled appetite thus eventually reducing the stability, stamina, and flexibility of the same muscle or overall body. Often perceived as the normal time taken to heal, people with chronic pain fail to acknowledge how it is slowly managing to disrupt their way of living and is cruel enough to make the simplest of daily activities strenuous thus calling for pertinent rehabilitation. The sole purpose for the treatment of chronic pain is to alleviate the excruciating ache and enhance the functioning of the peculiar muscle for the individual to resume his routine. Amalgamation of treatments like physiotherapy, acupuncture, electrical stimulations and massage therapies paired with profound knowledge of aces at New Hope Physiotherapy are considered to soothe out the pain effortlessly.

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